Boost Amazon Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Maximize your Amazon sales with EzappSolution! We specialize in Maximizing Growth and reducing ACOS to deliver accelerated account management services.

We utilize Artificial Intelligence to boost your profits. Leverage power of our proprietory Machine Learning algos to find Customer behavior, Engage right audience, know CLTV and Make Conversions through our Conversion AI platform.

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Amazon Marketplace Services

UpSell, Cross Sell, Re-Target, Recommend Products for Amazon Campaigns using our Scale Methodology which is driven by cutting edge Artificial Intelligence. Our Experts will setUp your Amazon Account, Boost your Sales, Drive new Growth Globally and sync your Accounts in One View for Dashboard reporting. We are proud and successful team of tech savy enginneers with following Amazon services.

Amazon Campaigns

Leverage Conversion AI for your Business Growth on Amazon. Sell More and Maximize Profits.

Amazon Demand based Marketing

Discover Amazon Customer Behavior locally and globally with Ezapp DemandSense Feature.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Sell on Amazon and other affiliate partners through Ezapp. Pay Fixed Cost Fee to market on Multiple Global Channels including Amazon.

Amazon Multiseller Advertising

Sell Multiple Category Products under the expertise of Ezapp Amazon Experts and Augment your Sales

FBA Wholesale Partnerships

Ezapp provided full end to end solutions for Whole Sellers with Automated Shipments

Product Listing Management

We provide white glove service to List your Products on Amazon and Use AI to Boost the Purchase

Amazon Seller Finance

We syndicate your Accounts end to end for Amazon Sales and In order to grow your Account we help in Financing

Inventory Management and Sales Forecasting

We provide AI powered Inventory Management based on Customer Segments and Sales Forecasting to Capitalize on new Opportunities

Amazon SEO

Our Experts help your products to get the Top Rankings across the World on Amazon.

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Conversion AI

Conversion AI

Ezapp uses proprietory Smart AI technology to Boost your conversions and build your Leadership Position on Amazon Marketplace.

Conversion AI

Product Propensity

User behavior is unstructured and anonymized. It is difficult to pitch Products to Customers. Ezapp uses Machine Learning to find your Product Propensity and run Ads to Customers who are likely to Purchase your Products.

Conversion AI

Predict Customer Behavior

Find Customer Genome, Sell Faster with Ezapp. We find the hidden behavior of your Customers so you can Optimize on selling your Products to right audience.

Conversion AI

Optimize Marketing Budget

Ezapp Uses Benchmarking techniques to find the Optimal Budget to Scale your Business. Leverage the power of Ezapp Neural Networks to use same Budget to ScaleUp Growth.

Why Trust Ezapp


Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres is leading manufacturer of Tyres. Ezapp provided Full Ecommerce Solution for Depots as well as Amazon services for our parts Business to optimize the Sales channels.

Hitendra Jakhad


Relco is largest Supply Chain company. Ezapp provided to our Dealers full Amazon services from Listing to Campaign Management. We are happy and delighted to partner with Ezapp as we have achieve phenomenal growth of Business.

Ajith Singh


UniFit is Health and Fitness Supplement brand. We have scaled 30% Sales with the help of their Artificial Intelligence driven solutions. Ezapp has Mastery on Amazon Campaigns and other Muti-Channel Listings.

Ansh Kumar

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