AI and ML Development Services

Our AI ML Development Services expert team can build AI powered solutions deployed on AWS cloud to provide real time Analytics and Predictions to grow your Business

Machine Learning Solutions

At EzappSolution we work with heavy unstructured datasets to build the Machine learning technology that provides correct labels for the data and provide intelligence to the Business to make the informed Business decisions. Our Machine Learning services involve automation of the large complex Jobs in the Enterprises Applications, AI Analytics services, Time Series analysis, Forecasting, Deep Learning.

Innovative AI/ML Solutions

Building automated AI/ML Solutions to Innovative AI/ML apps is a specialized niche service. Our Machine Learning Developers are certified and Top 1% developers benchmarked with Silicon Valley developers. Our developers are capable of delivering Solutions powered by OpenCV, PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow to solve the complex problems for Predictions to AI detection models.


At Ezapp we specialize in scaling the Applications and provide serverless architecture. Our Engineers are specialized in Docker, Kubernetes, AirFlow, Data Robot and other tools to automate the development of Machine Learning Models and automating the deployment of the data pipeline to the Production.

AI Analytics

Ezapp has built an In-house Product that performs AI Analytics on large complex data. Our Data Scientist have expertise in exploring Business Intelligence, Dev Ops, Data pipeline, Dashboard Reporting, AI Analytics services.

Customer Analytics

Campaign Management and Campaign Optimization

Using Ezapp Neural Network Models Empower your Marketing team to Find Lead Score, Build Pipeline of Deals with Risk Score and Automatically assign Deals to Sales team to win back Customers.

UpLift Sales

Use Re-Inforcement Learning Models by Ezapp to uplift the Sales to most Valued Customers and Outperform your Competition. Optimize Customer Segments to UpLift Sales with AI.

Predictive Campaign ROAS

Predict ROAS early in the campaign lifecycle and automatically Scale 10X on your campaigns by minimizing failure rate on Google Auctions for Display Ads.

Marketing Analytics

Demand Prediction

Predict customer demand with advance AI analytics. Proactively manage the inventory levels, perform automated shippment forecast, manage the Supply chain to Optimize your Logistics Cost, Enhance the Customer experience and Maximize Sales.

Revenue Maximization With Machine Learning

Transform your campaign optimization strategy with AI-driven predictive events fueled by rich user and engagement data. Maximize Revenue by Optimizing Sales Pipeline with High Quality Leads and increase Sales.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Use Ezapp Machine Learning-based Market Mix Models to allocate your marketing budget for various Marketing Channels and Optimize on Sales. Ezapp delivers phenominal Success for your Business Marketing.

Risk Analytics

High Value Customers

Find the High Value Customers from all Marketing Channels on the Go. Maximize Sales by Focusing on High Value Customer instead of repeating Sales Calls on Customers with biased behavior.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Know the Propensity of the Customer Buying Intent, Find the Buy Signals and align your marketing with Customer behavior, Customer Persona and build the Purchase PlayBook to Optimize on Sales.

Custom Predictive Solution

Empower your Sales with Ezapp AI analytics platform to Find Customer Segment, Customer RFM Score, Product RFM Score, Customer likelyhood to Purchase, Discover the Purchase propensity in the Future Business day based on AI Marketing.

Disrupted Technology

Ezapp solution provides Disruptive Technology for the Problems so Business can scale and dominate the marketplace. Enterprises are facing challenges to due the ever growing complex data, new regulations, lack of technical expertise in Machine Learning. Our Experts in AI have a proven track record of Building Financial AI powered Apps to HealthCare AI Prognosis.


Technologies We Use


AI/ML Services


Remote Hire AI/ML Developers?

Ezapp Solution has the Top Talent App Programmers with proven experience of Building scalable solutions and delivering successful Apps for SMEs, Startups in timely fashion. Connect with our Tech Experts and Get the Free quotation.

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Why Hire AI/ML Developers From EzappSolution?

Hire Top Talent

EzappSolution is an recognized as Top Android Development Company. Our Talented resources bring the right match of skills, fit the technical landscape of the Product development challenges and deliver Best Quality Apps on the App Store.

Flexi Engagement Model

EzappSolution provides App Developers from short term to long term engagement models. Our engagement model is transparent and accountable between the Client and EzappSolution. We provide Project Management tools to track progress and performance of the developer and give full access to properly manage the developer as per the dynamic business needs

TimeZone Flexibility

EzappSolution provides round the clock updates on syndication of the Product development, testing, blockers, solution progress. We provide different time zone agnostic reporting on Project status to bridge the gap of communication.

Maintenance Support

EzappSolution provides App Maintenance Support post release of the App. We take pride in providing support to ensure clients' success. Our policy is to ensure Client Product performs at par performance and solve the domain problem without any worry of maintenance of the App.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is AI helping in the development of an App?

    At Ezapp we have developed a Smart AI Software assistance tool that allows our developers to predict the reusable components which can be used in your App as Plugins or assist in building the Framework of your app quickly. Our AI Automation tool allows us to focus on the development of the App with respect to custom requirements and rest other Features are built with AI drag and drop features of the App Studio. This way you save Up to 50% on the development of the Cost and Ezapp takes pride in Creating Code Optimization for your App so you can succeed in the Marketplace and invest the savings for the Growth of your Company.
  • Does my Company own the Full Code of the App?

    Yes, all Code written by Smart AI Engine and our developers is fully owned and licensed by your Company. Ezapp upon development of the App delivers the Code on GIT Repository and your Company has all rights to License the Code of the App.
  • Can I upgrade my Software once my App is delivered by Ezapp Smart AI tool?

    Ezapp also provides maintenance service upon delivery of the App in event you need iterations of the Features to test the MVP. In this Process, Ezapp works based on the original Code ownership and performs code augmentation to allow you to test new features for market adoption. In such an event, there is no additional cost of Code Reviews and only custom code development is charged. Please note that if any feature is re-usable then Ezapp may provide a free upgrade to your App.
  • How Ezapp Software Development is Unique and different from other Software development Companies?

    Ezapp Solution is very Unique Software Development Company as it is driven by Mission to Create Success for its Client. This implies at Ezapp, we provide Artificial Intelligence Automations for Software to Optimize your Software development Cost, We also provide Automation of Machine Learning Models with our AI Zen tool so your App can perform all kinds of Predictions with zero additional cost of development, We provide AI Automation of Integrations so your App can integrate with 100s of Other Apps with No Cost and least effort.
    At Ezapp we aim to Empower your Business with best possible automation. Ezapp is serving Clients not for needs of Capitalization but for the intention to make you succeed in the Business.
  • How App development from Ezapp is considered Auto Funding for the StartUp?

    At Ezapp all Startups which are less than 20 team members and making revenue less than 500k are fully funded for the amount of Software development that they have taken. This measure is to ensure Ezapp can improve the Success rate of Startups by reinvesting the resources for marketing in your Business and create more Success Value in the marketplace.

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