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Client is a FinTech Firm operating Prime Brokerage Business for WholeSale and Retail Markets. Ezapp delivered the powerful AI Automation Solution that allowed the company to identify Sales Growth Channels and Predicted Sales/bid Pricing for Profitability optimization. Ezapp developed NLP suite using Machine Learning models for automation of the Prime Services workflow, Sales Forecast Predictions, Securities Pricing Predictions, Business Revenue Optimization and Profitability predictions.

Machine Learning for NLP Automation
New York
Tech Stack Used
Elastic Search
NLP Automation
Tech Stack Used:
Google Cloud
  • Collateral Management for Sec Lending through NLP automation
  • Optimized the Collateral Management for Real-Time Inventory View for Sec Lending
  • Increased the Revenue for AFS portfolio and Predicted Bid Pricing for Profitbaility based on Machine Learning models.

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Business Challenges:

FinTech Company utilized existing framework of Collateral Management through Trade Portfolio to have View of the Sourced and Used Securities but the Firm was not able to manage the Margins accurately for Prime Services. Firm required state of the art Artificial Intelligence to automate the Collateral Management and Optimize AFS portfolio through NLP automation.


Ezapp provided the AI automation solution to the Client by forecasting of Sales and Bid Pricing of the Securities. NLP Automation service allowed Trader to give NLP instructions to obtain the View on Collateral and System will generate Real-Time View of the Securities with Encumberance and Re-hypothecation. Solution delivered was full automation of the Collateral Mangement workflow from Inventory Management, Lending Securities, Pricing Securities and Allocation service for Asset Liability.

Ezapp Solution provided the Dashboard for Client to manage different Categories of Securities and its Collateral in most effective manner.Machine Learning models deployed enhanced Client's probability to increase sales and automate the Prime Brokerage Business workflow.

Results :

  • Optimize the Sales Revenue by increasing Securities Sales leveraging Re-Inforcement Learning models.
  • Optimized the Allocation Engine and peformed automation of the Asset Liability Model for Balance Sheet Reporting.
  • Automated Sec Lending Workflows by deploying AI BoT services for Straight-through-Processing.
  • Classified different Grade Securities for AFS and HTM based on Machine Learning Models to optimize the Profitability.
  • Delivered the automated Reports for Business Operations through NLP commands.

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