Business Requirement

AI Fraud Detection for eCommerce

Ecommerce transactions goes through various types of fraudulent transactions. Building Machine Learning based solution to auto detect the transactions where the risk was high allowed Client to abandon the Expected loss. Ezapp engineered the solution for transaction monitoring, transaction clearance, transaction sanctioning, transaction auto clearance.


Keep loyal customers loyal

Increase Customer Loayalty: Solution delivered allowed Customers to Trust the Merchant and increased the Loyalty score by 20%

Solution Offered

Increase the Sales of the eCommerce platform by Maximizing the CLTV

EzappSolution build power AI Solutions that allowed to reduce the false positives and increase the shipping orders.


Performance Benchmark for Increased Sales

EzappSolution provided Dashboard View and Business Intelligence Reporting on Orders SKU predictions, Demand Prediction by Region and Sales Forecast to optimize the Revenue Increase.

Solution Architercture

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