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Hire Remote Golang Developers For Your Project


GoLang is a contemporary and open-source programming language that can be utilized to build or develop reliable, efficient, and robust technical solutions. GoLang is a very famous strong system-level language that was developed by a team working at Google to accomplish better performance than C++ and Java.

This language is mainly used for programming on huge distributed systems as well as large-scale network servers. It is a statically composed language with grammar similar to the C language. Ezapp Solution Has world-class GoLang Programming Developers available 24/7 for remote work. 

The Benefits of Choosing Golang for your development


Code With Ease

Comprehensive Tools 

Efficient Execution

High Scalability

Easy Maintainable Code

Effective Error Handling Capability

Faster And Simpler

Excellent Community Support

Fast And Robust Compilation

Great Flexibility

High-speed development

Skills To Look Before Hiring Remote Golang Developers

Experience of working in the Go Programming language 

Experience in Go Frameworks such as GinGonic, Martini, Beego, and Buffalo, Kit, 

Knowledge in code versioning tools such as Mercurial, Git, SVN.

Good experience and knowledge working with databases like Oracle, Postgres, Mysql, DB2

IDE: LiteIDE, Eclipse including GoClipse, Visual (code) studio, Atom IDE.

GoLang Interview Questions To Ask Before Hiring Developers

Explain the key benefits of using Golang? 

Describe Modular Programming using Go. 

How to implement a stack and a queue within Go Language? 

Is there a genuine requirement for both the "GOROOT" and "GOPATH" variables? Explain with examples 

What is known as workspace in the Go language? 

What are the Common problems while programming in the Go language? 

Clarify the syntax of the "for" loop 

Explain the language specification for the Go language? 

Explain how the Go Concurrency mechanism is helpful? 

Is Go language suitable in a heavy data-science project scenario?


Reasons to hire GoLang Developers From Ezapp Solution

Extremely-high Transparent Services

Our team provides timely reports of your complete project completion status through emails and video communication calls to keep you fully up-to-date. 

Industry Expertise 

Our talented and experienced software developers are experts in a huge range of application platforms to cater to various needs.

Flexible Engagement Models 

We provide options to hire remote developers through part-time, hourly, or fixed costs according to the project requirements of clients.

Free Quotations

We provide complete cost estimation details of your project development proposal within 24 hours.

Dedicated Resource

We give you a dedicated resource whose only focus is on your project that leads to quality code and superfast integration

High Integrity Policy

Your project or work-related proposal is secure and safe with us as respect and care about you. We have a transparent process that is followed by our teams and adhere to strict NDAs.


Ezapp Solution gives you the option to hire the best remote GoLang developers according to your industry and project needs. Our services in GoLang Specifications include Golang AI Development, Streamlined Apps Development Utilizing GoLang, Complex Cloud App Development with GoLang, Concurrent Apps Development in GoLang, Easy Cross-Platform Development, Full-Stack Golang Development.