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1. Utility The level of expertise of the developers they let me the interview is impressive. 2. Ezapp solution Ezapp solution has done their job perfectly. Our software works as intended, and everyone loves it 3. Fingent We see that they care about our platform’s success, which shows in the quality of their work. 4. Techneed I was more than satisfied with their work, and they exceeded our expectations 5. Andersen Inc. We were impressed with how they took care of their teams and held up the business. 6. Zco I'm very impressed with Zco's account executive and project manager. 7. DOOR3 They had a great team, and we have nothing but praise for them 8. Jafton Their tech team is full of strong senior developers, which is difficult to find. 9. Knubisoft They’re strong at software development, and they excel at delivering technology solutions 10. Bit by Bit Computer Consultants Even though we gave them short notice, they jumped in and helped us move mountains to set up our office equipment 11. Icreon I was impressed with their detailed approach to develop the right messaging. 12. Five Jars We’ve been very happy with them; they’re one of my best decisions as a chief strategy officer. 13. DEPT They were really good at what they do. 14. Rootstrap They stand out for their design skills and focus on usability and product development. 15. Softblues Throughout hardship, they've been honest — willing to keep high standards to successfully complete project on time. 16. Perpetual I was impressed with Perpetual’s professionalism and the ease of working with the team 17. Zazz One of the things that we like the most about them is the technical expertise 18. Tivix They were helpful in guiding us through the whole process 19. Liki We were impressed by their professionalism and capability of management

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