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FinTech Firm required Potfolio Re-balancing automation based on Artificial Intelligence. Firm had tried in the past Solutions based on Quantitative Trading but it was not fullfilling the Business Intelligence required to drive the automation of the Portfolio Optimization. Ezapp Solution developed the complete suite of Portfolio Optimization involving AI Recommender System to allow Traders to Buy/Sell/Hold trades and automatically balance the Portfolio based on Market riks, Liquidity risk and Credit risk.

Machine Learning for Trading
Tech Stack Used
Elastic Search
Artifical Intelligence / Machine Learning
Tech Stack Used:
Amazon RDS
Python Django
  • Optimized the Portolfio Management
  • Significantly increased the Revenue using Machine Learning
  • Reduced the Stop Loss using RNN Models.

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Business Challenges:

Stock prices are heavily influenced by economic events, company/Industry performance and market sentiments. Sentiments on Twitter and Social Paltform drive the Trading behavior. Negative the Sentiments, Traders short the Trade. Positve the Sentiments on earning forecast or Market expansion, Traders are Long on Positions. Financial Institution lacks the capability to determine in Real-time Sentiments on Thousand of Trades.


Ezapp has delivered Sentiment Analyzer platform to allow Trades to make Trading decisions. Tool comes with Heat Map that shows Trades that are likely to be impacted on pricing Volatility Vs Trades which are likely to Yield higher Returns. Ezapp Sentiment Analyzer tool allows trades to Optimize the Holdings Positions and Maximize Profits through Sentiment Analysis. We use Deep learning models using Tensorflow to determine the indicative information on Stocks for Buys/Sells/Hold Strategies.

    Ezapp built the AI Models:

  • Build Machine Learning Models to analyze the Market Indicators
  • Build Machine Learning Models for Capital Asset Pricing
  • Build Deep Learning Models for Buy/Sell/Hold Strategies using Tensorflow
  • Build Sentiment Analysis using Auto Encoders and Recommender System for Trading activities

Credit Card Fraud Detection through AI

Results :

  • Sentiment Analysis allowed Firm to evaluate Trading signals and perform Trading based on the AI Recommender system.
  • Increased the Revenue Sales leveraging Re-Inforcement Learning models.
  • Optimized the Trade Portfolios dynamically based on the Market Indicators.
  • Increased the Revenue and Optimized the Stop Loss using Deep Learning Models using Tensorflow.
  • Automated the Queries for Trading by delivering the AI BoT Solution.

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