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Best Remote Node.JS Developers in Palo Alto


Hire Node.JS developer in Palo Alto for best solutions

Node JS is a tool that allows users to develop web applications by using programming languages such as JavaScript.

Developers use this tool mostly to write server-side scripts using JavaScript.

Node.js is a JavaScript platform that is developed on chrome’s V8 engine.

Node.js is basically used for its ability to be single-threaded in nature. It is used prominently for non-blocking, event-driven servers.

It is one of the most popular as well as growing web development tools as it provides fast and scalable solutions in real-time applications.

Since it runs code outside the browser using JavaScript, many real-time applications or websites use it for a real-time approach.

Many social media application companies have embraced this technology for its above-mentioned ability.

Why is Node.js used?

Node.js is an ultimate example of modified and flexible technology solutions.

The server engine uses an event-based, non-blocking I/O model. Hence it becomes easier for the application to adapt JavaScript easier to use and execute the code fast. Since it simplifies the code execution, it enables the performance ability of the web application to enhance at a greater level.

Numerous open-source libraries for node.js are available online, its most prominent source being npm website.

Node.js platform handles event-based callback on a single-threaded event loop.


Node.js is used mostly for its ability to perform in back-end. Since its invention, it has become a stand-alone name in the industry overtaking JavaScript.

Developers who already have front-end JavaScript experience find it easy to execute tasks in node.js platforms. But node.js provides exponential benefits when used in back-end calling and execution of tasks.

Some of the key benefits of node.js are as follows:

  • Fast-processing and event-based model
  • Flexible Technology
  • Rich ecosystem
  • Strong tech-giant support

All these factors have made node.js one of the most popular platforms for web application development among developers globally.

Why Hire Node.js developers from Ezapp Solution in Palo Alto?

Ezapp solution provides multiple well-skilled developers who are subject matter experts (SME) in the Node.js web development platform. They help in building robust applications that help the company boost its growth.

  • No Time-Zone Difference
  • No Language Barrier
  • Highly Cost-Effective
  • Business Specific Developers

We extend our services to our clients by providing node.js developers who are industry experts of their respective fields. They build flexible and performance-oriented web applications.


Node.js popularity is not just limited to web developers globally but also it is backed by many industry experts as well as tech giants.