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How do you take the concept of remote work? It might happen that remote work would be the future of many companies. Work can be done from anywhere; talent can be found anywhere you just need to have a laptop and a great internet connection and you are sorted.

More companies are allowing employees to work full-time from home and some companies allow it occasionally. This reduces the overall cost of the business.

Companies are investing in offsite team-building activities, video/audio conferences to build a sense of belongingness.

Dynamic companies, smart employees working towards a common goal do wonder and solves a number of problems. Companies with openings in IT, medical and health, accounting and finance, education and training, customer service, sales, and other sectors.

Looking at the success of remote work in the last year, it’s predicted that more companies are now switching to work from home option.

If you are looking for remote work for engineering, design, web strategy, and e-commerce we’ve come up with a list of top companies having the availability of remote work that are hiring now. 

Dropbox - a file hosting service

HubSpot - a marketer and developer of Software’s

Infosys - Indian multinational IT company

Shopify - a Canadian multinational e-commerce organization

GitHub - a global hosting company

Oracle - a multinational computer technology company

Trello - a web-based list-making application

Toptal - a global freelancing platform


Ezappsolution - Machine Learning and Mobile Application Development Corporation

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