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Hire Remote Typescript Developers


TypeScript shouldn’t be compulsively called a fully new programming language, it’s mainly a superset of JavaScript. This is only because TypeScript makes multiple significant interchanges to JavaScript that completely transforms the full domain of web and mobile development.
Hiring remote typescript developers will boost your company in many areas of functioning such as Efficiency in development, better detection of bugs in the inauguration stage of development, and enhanced code transparency, making it simpler to employ new TypeScript developers that you hire, easy process of rewrite faulty code, the allowance to write classic JavaScript besides TypeScript, that makes easy of you want to develop additionally on your existing JavaScript app.

Companies can take advantage of these features of typescript, so they have to hire remote typescript developers. Hiring quality typescript developers is a little difficult as typescript language is somewhat hard to learn than classic Javascript. 

Skills Required For Typescript Developers

- Extensive functional experience and working knowledge of Typescript Language 

- Good grasp of other programming languages such as PHP, Java, Ruby

- High-level experience with relevant frameworks as well as libraries such as Angular, React, etc.

- Exceptional experience with mobile frameworks and libraries such as native script among others as Typescript is supported by React Native

- Developers also need to have soft skills like solid time management skills, an eye for detail, genuine understanding of the customer's point of view.

- Good knowledge and experience with AJAX, DOM, CSS, HTML among other technologies.

Interview Questions For Hire Remote Typescript Developers

1. Why are the different types of definitions?

2. Explain the meaning of getters and setters?

3. Exact usage of the property decorators?

4. How does function overloading work differently in Typescript when compared with other OOP languages?

5. How are ambients useful in TypeScript?

6. Explain discriminated unions within TypeScript?

7. Explain the meaning of mixins?

8. What do you mean by anonymous function?

9. What is the purpose of using-declaration merging?

10. The difficulties you have encountered while introducing TypeScript to other old projects?

Why Hire Ezapp Solution Typescript Developers?

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-Overlap with clients timezone

-Our valuable developers are deeply skilled and trained to work in remote environments focusing on Agile and Scrum methodology and have excellent work experience with a large variety of project management tools such as Zoom, Slack, Jira, Asana, Rocket Chat, Trello, Teams, Clubhouse, etc.

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