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Hire Remote Ionic Developers


Mobile devices or smartphones have become the most popular for browsing the Internet including doing multiple other tasks which were only possible with a desktop computer.


So there is a massive need to develop mobile-based apps for continuously rising global users.

Modern trends in the application development industry have gone through noteworthy changes, leaving this space with two big platforms: Android and iOS. Though the development and maintenance of both these apps platforms are expensive for small and medium-sized businesses, so they think carefully before plunging into full-fledged hybrid app development. 

Here Ionic comes into action as it is the best hybrid platform that permits to develop hybrid applications with relative ease. 


Ionic is an app ecosystem that consists of all the things needed for the development, beginning from accessibility going towards operating features of the mobile itself and then finally deployment and building a process including even distribution. It was developed by  Drifty Co. in the year 2013, Ionic is a well-known new open-source framework that has become in-demand by developers for creating full hybrid applications.


Features of Ionic

The ionic platform is a fully open-source SDK based on HTML5 technology 

Its cross-platform SDK supports Windows, Android, iOS

Ionic Creator is the top prototyping tool in the marketplace

Ionic SDK stands 5th in user authentication technology

It supports Saas, HTML5, and CSS tech for hybrid app development

The latest version of Ionic is built on the Angular framework for UI/UX development

It also offers a powerful CLI interface for expert-level code testing, development, and deployment.

Support for multiple Cordova plugins to implement a large number of features like GPS, camera biometrics, etc.


Cost To Hire Remote Ionic Developers

Here we will glance through the average salaries of Ionic developers in different regions or countries for the purpose of development. We will analyze the salaries by referring to Payscale for information. Considering the average salaries of Ionic developers, we have taken into account the salaries of mobile developers that are also specialized in Ionic development.


Average Rates To Hire Remote Ionic Developers In Top 5 Countries-

USA - $67800

Canada - $45793

UK - $41644

Asia - $22564

South America - $24876


Hire Remote Ionic Developers Skills Required

Companies should ensure that highly skilled Ionic developers are selected for the tasks and projects.

Here the skills to check before you hire remote ionic developers:

Excellent Web development skills are needed as Ionic uses web app tech to develop mobile applications. Ionic developers must have expertise in skills such as HTML, CSS, javascript including best practices backed up by industry standards for web development. 

Good experience with Apache Cordova or at least basic knowledge, working, and understanding of Cordova’s is an absolute necessity as Cordova plugins and packages are useful while importing to Ionic.

High-level Knowledge of Native similar frameworks that are superfast, glossy and responsive on a mobile device. 

Developers should have experience in the Ionic provision of the customization designer UI options that Ionic comes supported with like a default JavaScript as well as CSS components, that always cover the basics needed for building an efficient mobile application, including the Buttons, Navigation, sliding function, tabs, Form inputs, prompts, Popups.

Developers should have proficiency in Ionic tools and services that makes the framework more detailed oriented such as Ionic lab, Ionic View, Ionic Creator, Ionic Playground,, Ionic push, Ionic analytics.


Reasons To Hire Remote Ionic Developers

Your project requirements decide the requirement for Ionic developers. If companies hire a remote ionic developer, they can easily perform all the tasks easily and quickly at the lowest costs. As there is a huge availability of remote development teams, complex and highly logical or large-scale tasks/project applications can also be carried out with the lowest inventment in the talent hiring process. 

Ezapp Solution provides the most talented and reputed remote Freelance developer for temporary projects or customized solutions. The hourly rates for freelance developers range from $10 up to $150, dependent on the skillset, overall experience, and performance rates. Hiring a remote team gives you the alternative to access a large pool of specialists and allows you to execute the projects at a faster rate. Hiring an off-shore/ Remote team will save costs for your company that will, in turn, increase your revenue and productivity. 



Mobile devices in this age have become the in-demand platform for businesses to communicate with their customers reach out to as many people as possible. The best possible way to do this communicative activity is through Hybrid app development that is an emerging and cost-effective way to develop cross-platform mobile applications, and Ionic is the most famous tool to entitle hybrid development.  Ezapp Solution is the best software/app development service provider company that allows remote hire ionic developers, who are experts of Ionic hybrid development, and multiple other app development technologies.