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Hire Remote Kotlin Developers


Kotlin is already included in major lists of International ranking journals as one of the most popular programming languages among developers. Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin is more concise when compared with Java. It performs multiple scrutinies that help in reducing the number of bugs as well as runtime errors within the code. It is largely easy to maintain and developer-friendly. Kolin helps developers write an android application in a better way and at a greater speed. Therefore there are multiple benefits to hire remote Kotlin developers. These developers have great skills and knowledge to create efficient software and applications. 

Kotlin Overview

Kotlin was created by JetBrains to find an effective solution to the difficulties and challenges faced by the company. An open-source statically-typed programming language that attributes a type interface within the Apache 2 License. A famous general purpose-programming language that was initially developed and designed for Java Virtual Machine including Android. As of now, it focuses on the JVM, Native, Android, and JavaScript. Kotlin emphasizes interoperability, while it additionally focuses on safety, clarity, and tool support. Also, the standard library of Kotlin is based on the Java Class Library but the type inference (feature) helps in allowing its syntax to be extremely concise. 

Benefits of Kotlin

Major Advantages of Kotlin:

1. Kotlin is safer due to its fewer existing bugs. Also, its compiler implements more than one or multiple checks, therefore lowering the cost and effort of error fixes.

2. Kotlin is 100% compatible with Java, which makes it easy to switch to Kotlin or to utilize both languages in the same project. 

3. It is easier to maintain as Kotlin supports many IDE’s as a result you can use whatever suitable development tools that you can easily use to maintain your codebase at scale.

4. Kotlin is more developed than many other traditional programming languages as it has been through multiple beta releases before the final version. This has helped it become more reliable, stable, and healthy.

5. Kotlin has a support community that is very strong and reliable. It has an excellent technical team working behind its maintenance and development. Has a stable business model where they even convert some parts of their flagship products to the general market purpose utilization.

Role of Kotlin Developers 

To hire remote kotlin developers is an excellent idea. It’s highly beneficial for any software organization. The essential task for Kotlin developers is to build applications. Other than this some major responsibilities include:

1. Design and develop the latest, secure, and feature-rich Android application utilizing Kotlin from scratch.

2. Deeply understand the requirements and interpret designs into wireframes into code.

3. Developers have the task of consistently Maintaining live apps and supporting existing code quality. 

4. Making sure that apps are regularly tested for errors for bugs. Developers have to constantly update and monitor apps for utmost effectiveness.

5. An effective UI design of the applications is another responsibility of the Developers. Kotlin developers must be an expert in developing apps that has high-quality, simple-to-use UI designs.

6. Developers need to create a plan, develop, and release end-to-end Android-based mobile apps utilizing Kotlin.

7. Complete implementation of security measures for security objectives.

Remote Kotlin developers are affordable to hire so there will be no budget deficit for companies with limited requirements and finances. The central aim of Kotlin developers is to develop android apps with strong backend integration.

Cost To Hire Remote Kotlin Developers

There are some hourly fixed rates according to different countries. The average Java developers have a little more salary than Kotlin developers. 

North America - 150$ per hour

Australia - 100$ per hour

United Kingdom - 90$ per hour

South America - 40$ per hour

Eastern Europe - 35$ per hour

India - 25$ per hour


Lowest Average Salaries To Hire Remote Kotlin developers

USA - $66000

Europe - $55500

Asia - $32250

South America - $33000


‘Skill Checklist’ To Hire Remote Kotlin Developers

  • -Proficiency in Java and Kotlin including the ability to write readable, and maintainable code

  • -At least have 2 years of full-time experience in Android App development

  • -Practical/Good Experience and working knowledge in Android Studio & Android SDK 

  • -Working experience in mobile app architecture, design, implementation, and release Knowledge of building end-to-end applications for mobile.

  • -Sound knowledge and experience of app lifecycles, architecture as well as design fundamentals.

  • -Good debugging skills and QA/QC process

  • -Should be familiar with RESTful APIs and XML to attach the app with backend-focused services.

  • -Updated about the trends and techniques in the latest mobile app features and architectures.

  • -Acquainted with DevOps And Agile methodologies

  • -Good communication and interpersonal skills

  • -Excellent understanding of 7 version control systems tool

  • -Superb time management skills and highly productive

  • -Ability to build outstanding Android applications


Interview Questions To Hire Remote Kotlin Developers

1. Define Kotlin and its applications

2. Why shift from Java to Kotlin

3. Benefits of Kotlin

4. The difference in the middle of variable declaration with var and val

5. Explain about Kotlin-Java Interoperability

6. Process of variable declaration in Kotlin and how does this differ from JAVA

7. What is Elvis operator and NullSafety/Nullable types in Kotlin

8. How many constructors are available in Kotlin

9. What are the available extension methods Kotlin provides to

10. What are the features of Kotlin that Java Lags

11. How to use data class in Kotlin

12. Are primitive data types supported by Kotlin

13. What is known as Ranges operator in Kotlin

14. Explain the usage of abstraction in the language Kotlin

15. How to handle null exceptions

16. Explain The Process of Singleton classes in Kotlin

17. Time To use lateinit keyword in Kotlin

18. Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Kotlin

19. How to compare two strings


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