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How To Hire Remote React Developers


Are you keen on hiring a React developer? But confused about how and where to find the best react developer? Don’t worry, here is a guide where you can learn about the complete hiring process of React developers remotely. React native technology has many vibrant advantages such as cross-platform JS-focused development, which helps use the same code base for both iOS and Android. Also, it provides a more fast debugging process when compared with native development. This technology Allows achieving similar native performance with less budget spending and time-saving. 


There are 2 types of specific React developers. One which specializes in React.js and another in React Native.

React.js, developed by Facebook for making dynamic and high-performance User interface(UI). It is useful in designing vibrant, functional, and interactive websites. It’s a JavaScript library that flashes through when the focus is to build the interactive elements on websites, popularising it as the most famous front-end framework used in web development.

React Native is the best open-source framework for creating mobile applications. It is different when compared with React.js though it is based on Facebook’s Javascript library. ReactNative offers fast mobile application development and a more efficient code-sharing facility without hampering application quality. Once the developer builds the application, it will run on multiple platforms including both Android and iOS devices.


Things To Consider For Remote React Hiring

There are tons of programmers available in the market who claim that they can provide great service, fast results, and have multiple years of experience which will be helpful for their prospective clients. However, there are many instances where these claims are false. So, before hiring, companies should consider the below-mentioned points.

  • In this software industry, it’s very easy to fool employers by enhancing the capabilities, skills, and experience by simply mentioning it on the resume or experience.

  • When searching for developers to hire, IT managers and heads can often get misguided by technical mentions on resumes and candidate profiles. They can also be convinced by the developers of having the necessary technical skills and boast of easily achieve some impossible targets.

  • Developers can guarantee best-in-class cross-platform genuinely native mobile applications. These are superfast to market and are easily created in the shortest possible development cycle. This attracts even the best CIO, CTO’s, IT leaders.

  • There are many instances where software developers took the money, provided unrealistic success goals, and at last gave unsatisfactory or incomplete results.

Therefore hiring managers should never rely fully on resumes for searching developers as many companies have lost their time and money by hiring misleading programmers that destroy their end products causing heavy losses. 

There is a systematic selection criterion to follow if companies wish to hire a genuine and talented React developer, for example, a technical test series. Ezapp Solution has its own 4 step testing system before we select or hire remote react developers. This 4 step test consists of:

  1. Static code analysis (Code skill test)

  2. Project testing 

  3. Programming tests and checks

  4. Personality Check and communication skills.


Platforms to Look For React Developers

        1.Freelancer Boards/Websites

If your project requirement duration is for a short time, then you can hire a remote freelancer temporarily. Suppose you have some extremely tight deadlines and while the in-house team of your company keeps a vigilant eye on the core functions of the project or tasks you still lack a dedicated person who can fix all the minor bugs or develop a small side-project before pitching various clients. If the perfect time you need to hire a remote developer for freelance work. Freelance React Native developers often cost less to hire which is an absolute advantage. But freelancers generally handle more than one project simultaneously, so there are some difficulties to find a freelance React Developer who will entirely focus on your project and complete the work within the stipulated period. If the freelancer constantly juggles between two or more projects, then the tasks are bound to suffer. 

Also, it is very difficult to supervise and handle freelancers, so this management factor should be taken care of with utmost importance before you go ahead to hire a remote freelancer.

There are many freelancer websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Freelancer, etc. Companies have two ways to find React JS and React Native developers.

The first way is to post your job offer and wait for the developers to reach out to you. It generally doesn’t take much time before they start responding to your job advertisement and apply with their services. Hereafter, you can start the review process of all the accessible options and then select the best freelancer that suits your requirement. 

The second option is when you make the first move and glance through the list of React developers for hire on your own. As soon as you find an appropriate candidate, you can drop a message and invite the freelancer to your project. You should keep in mind that you have to select a freelancer with a well-rated badge and a 100% work success score mentioned on their profile.


       2. Hiring Through Social Media

Hiring companies can easily find tons of specialists on Facebook and other social media sites. 

Let’s analyze the major social platforms for hiring remote React Developers


  • Facebook 

As we have already mentioned above regarding the creator of React i.e Facebook, it is also one of the best social platforms to find React developers. There are multiple groups available on Facebook known as communities where companies can post React developer job offers. Or you can search out for top-level React developers through the search bar.


  • Twitter 

Twitter is a dynamic platform. It works through strict interaction between the users. Similar to the freelance boards, you can search for the members by adding your search request and then click on the people tab or you can create a tweet and mention some leading people related to your search term and then post the tweet. Within some time your tweet will generate responses from prospective React Developers. But you will also get messages of inexperienced freelancers or unskilled independent consulting specialists and agencies which you need to filter out efficiently. 


  • Linkedin

This is the best platform for professional services and so this platform is the meat medium to find and hire professionals and freelancers. On Linkedin, hiring managers can also check out the work details of the selected candidates like their CV, skill sets, Projects undertaken and testimonials from co-workers. To find React developers, you need to search the term in the search box. For improved targeting filters such as location, profile language, and past company details can be used.


         3. Recommendation

You always have the option of utilizing your contacts, it will be very helpful. If you know Senior managers, CEO, CTO, Or Owners of Technology companies who very well know-how and where to hire developers then they can easily share that experience with you. Recommendations are always the most reliable source of information for anyone as they’re provided by someone who is genuinely trustworthy. Nobody would recommend developers with consistently failed deadlines or poor coding knowledge and experience. There are tons of examples where recommendations have made wonders, even among multi-billion dollar companies and startups.


         4. Google Search

Google Search is the best option you have to find relevant developers whether freelancer, remote contractor or an agency, you will get many tools to search the results effectively.

One such major website is Slideshare. It is a LinkedIn service and all the Resume/CV’s posted to LinkedIn are also automatically stored in Slideshare platform. 

You can search for CVs by using Google’s Advanced Search Option

For example use, intitle:cv remote React developer for hire remote react developers. 


Required Hard Skills For React Developer

Here are the skills highlighted below that are useful in analyzing the developer’s competence. These skills should be possessed by a react developer to secure a job. Companies should have good knowledge about these industry-specific skills when they look to hire a remote developer. 


- Proficiency to work with React framework and its major components, APIs, including libraries.

- Excellent skills in Javascript code 

- Competent in using tools like Redux

- Capability in completion of debugging and testing principles effectively

- Effective implementation of App performance optimization tasks and critical code improvements.

- Expert in designing and developing mobile-specific features.

- Integrating third-party services, External hardware components, and API.

- Highly Skilled in data caching

- Revamping UI/UX, the crucial business user-focused portals

- Good Skills in front-end development and backend integration

- Ability to create native apps port live iOS OR Android app to React Native

- Advanced Proficiency in using Version Control tools for version management(source code)

- Good knowledge of using cloud technologies for app integration

- Working knowledge in all React phases like Requirement Analysis, Implementation, and Maintenance, including immense knowledge of    programming languages and react development technologies.


Required Soft Skills For React Developers

- Excellent communication skill is one of the major requirements for experienced developers as it helps them to build great relations with the clients and companies.

- Excellent Communication Skills

- Critical Thinking

- Adaptability and open-minded

- Accountability and teamwork

- Collaborative and confident

- Superior people management skills

- Creativity and time management skills 

- Problem-Solving skills

- Patience

- Goal-oriented


Screening Questions For React Developer

Below is a list of some of the necessary questions that need to be asked before shortlisting React developers. Through these questions, only the best candidates will get selected for the job.

1. Do you understand the meaning of pure functional components?

2. Utilization process of keys in React(framework)?

3. Utilization process of refs in React?

4. How to make a comparison of the various React Component lifecycle methods. The way it will help you to build particular interfaces or features?

5. The process of High Order components creation in React?

6. The different features of React Router from other more traditional JavaScript routers (for example, Backbone’s Router)?

7. Describe the details of Virtual DOM including how React renders it to the DOM?

8. Detail about the standard JSX, JavaScript toolchain, transpilation (through any compiler) and explain the prominence of these things in the development?

9. Explain how React needs certain Props to exist and the way it handles or restricts Props to particular types?

10. What is the process to cause a component to render strictly when its ID changes?

11. What is the function of Stylesheet.create?

12. What are the core components of React Native?

13. Compare between forceUpdate() and setState(): their actual use; when to use one and when to use another according to the case.?

14. In React native describe the principle of native modules?

15. What are the major differences between React and React Native(mainly web development) in layout and styling?


Ezapp Solution follows the above-mentioned complete process to hire the best remote React developers to develop dynamic applications and provide the most satisfying service around the globe. 



We hope that after this detailed guide to hiring React developers, you can hire relevant react developers for your projects and teams and make sure your work is completed efficiently without any hassles. If you want to completely skip this hiring process, then you can connect with Ezapp Solution, which can assist you in finding the most incredibly talented and experienced React developers, who can take charge of your projects at the best prices.